Sara Biggs Chaney




Hagia Animalia  

 (Manuscript in search of a publisher)

Finalist for Sundress Publications, 2015

Semi-Finalist for Noemi Press, 2016


Precipice Fruit, ELJ Publications, October, 2013.

Ann Coulter's Letter to the Young Poets, dancing girl press, 2014





"St. Brigid of Ireland Gives to the Poor" in Yalobusha Review​, June, 2017

"Irene, Born Penelope" in Blackbird, Fall 2017

 "We are live this morning with a report 

of the casualties" in Hayden's Ferry Review, 2017


"The thing about time is there's always less

of it" in Jellyfish​ 15, 2017.

"The Man Called Monticello" and "Chalkdust and Chiaroscuro" in Sonora Review, Fall 2017.





"Three Poems" in Hobart, TBD, 2016.


"St. Barbara" in Whiskey Island, Winter 2016.


"On Justice" and "On Shame" in Radar Poetry, April, 2016


"Table of Elements" in Superstition Review, May, 2016.


"Letters to the Editor on the Death of Public Discourse" in The Normal School​, Spring, 2016.


"Three Poems" in The Collapsar, Summer 2016.



"How I Learned That I Was Poisonous" in Sugared Water, Issue #3. Spring, 2015.

"Writing Fan Fiction About Ke$ha" in RHINO, 2015.

"Taking Riot Selfies with Gina," "Trying to Replicate a Recipe in Cooking Light," and "Hibernophobia." in Split Lip Magazine, 2015.

"Birth Dance" in Columbia Poetry Review, 2015.

"St. Barbara, Locked Away" in Atticus Review, Winter, 2015.

"The Engineers' Lament the Inevitable Foundation Collapse" in "Shedding Skins," a special issue of Winter Tangerine Review. Summer, 2015.

"Fable" and "Origin Story" in Quail Bell Magazine, Winter, 2015.

"Three Poems" in Wicked Alice. Winter, 2015.

"A Poem Inspired By My Students" in Extract(s), March, 2015.

"The Problem With Daisy Buchanan, Part II" in Cider Press Review, Summer, 2015.

"The Birth of St. Eulalia" and "St. Margaret Causes The Foul Fiend To Lay Down." in Sugar House Review. Spring/Summer, 2015.

"St. Eugenia Declares Her Allegiances" in Thrush Poetry Journal. May,2015.

“St. Eugenia Becomes The Monk Eugene” in Juked, August, 2015.

“Notes For A Research Paper On Generalized Anxiety” in decomP, June, 2015.

“Notes For A Research Paper on Dysthymia” in Hotel Amerika, TBD, 2015.

“Three from Strange Friends” in MiPoesias, June, 2015.

“Arrival” from “Strange Friend” in Quaint, August, 2015.

“In Which St. Eulalia Isn’t Really Dead, But Sleeping” A-Minor, September,2015.

“Physical Properties of Spiritual Substances” in Pith, October, 2015.

“To the Emperor of Olybrius” in Cherry Tree, TBD.

"The Problem With Daisy Buchanan, Part I" in Gargoyle #64. TBD, 2015.


"The Relics of Eulalia" in Waccamaw, Volume 15, November, 2015.



"All My Mother's Anger" in Apeiron Review Volume 5. January, 2014.

"The Mystic Capture of the Unicorn" in SunDog Lit Volume 5. Jan/Feb, 2014.

"In Which I Attempt to Explain Why I Stole The Charity Donation Bags" in Stirring: A Literary Collection. February, 2014.

"My Mother's Hours" in Melusine, Winter, 2014.

"The Grammar of Capture" in The Finery, February, 2014.

"The First Time I Bled, I Didn't Stop" in Connotation Press, April, 2014.

"Two Poems from Etiquette for Inclement Weather" in Word Riot. Winter, 2014.

"Somewhere: A Portrait in Whitespace" in Storm Cellar 3.2.Spring, 2014.

"Etiquette for Abandonment" in The Dr T.J. Eckleburg Review. April, 2014.

"Three poems from Etiquette for Inclement Weather" in the Yew Journal. Spring, 2014.

"Etiquette for a Bioluminescent Red Tide" in [PANK]. May, 2014.

"Hospice" and "Etiquette for Glacial Ice" in JMWW. April, 2014.

"Etiquette for Fly Dumping" in Inter/rupture. June, 2014.

"Brown Bear" and "Snake" in The Boiler Summer, 2014.

"Testimony, After the Mastectomy" in The Adroit Journal. Summer, 2014.

"Hedgehog" and "Tiger" in Smoking Glue Gun. Summer, 2014.

"Located: A Series" in Luna Luna Magazine. Summer, 2014.

"To My Bully, Regarding That Shit You Pulled Before The Internet" in Blood Lotus.

"Devil's Darning Needle" in The Dialogist. Fall 2014.

"My Lost and Broken Part Would Like to Take A Meeting" in Wherewithal. November 2014.

"Life Cycle," "Compound Eye" and "Intercept" in The Puritan, Volume 27. November 2014.

"Diamondback," "Elk," "Owl," and "Fox." in Arsenic Lobster Poetry Journal, Winter 2014/2015.


"When Tall Grasses Are Razed" in Category 2: Installment Two from Red Ochre LIT. March, 2013.

"Three Poems from According to Our Records" in Counterexample Poetics. March, 2013.

"Two Poems from According to Our Records" in Sleet Magazine. April, 2013.

"Two Ann Coulter Mash-Up Poems" in Squawk Back Magazine. April, 2013.

"Ann Coulter's Sonnet to Orpheus" in Right Hand Pointing. May, 2013.

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"Three Poems from According to Our Records" in Stone Highway Review. May, 2013.

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"On A Neighbor's Foreclosure" in Mobius: Journal for Social Change. September, 2013.

"Jenna Listens to Art Blakey's Drum Solo, 1965" in Cactus Heart, Issue #5, Fall, 2013.

"Blason for Jenna" in burntdistrict, Issue #4, Fall, 2013.

"Apology for A Misfired Status Update" and "Love Affair With A Hedgehog" in The Kenning Journal, Issue #4, Fall, 2013.

"My Father, Dying" in A Clean, Well-Lighted Place, Fall, 2013.

"Unfortunate Fish" and "On Ray Grathwohl's Painting, 'The Eviction'" in Spork Press, Winter, 2013.


"Family Business" in Front Porch Review. April, 2013.

"Letter from the Slush Pile" in Crack the Spine. May, 2013.

"The Man Who Planted the Sunflowers" in Eunoia Review. July, 2013.

"Hot Air" in WhiskeyPaper. October, 2013.

"Young Mother At The Children's Hospital" in Emerge Literary Journal. December, 2013.

"Domestic Noir" in Gone Lawn. February, 2015.


"Young Mother At The Children's Hospital" reprinted in Extract(s), January 9th, 2014.

"On the Ford India Ad of Cartoon Kardashians Gagged And Tied In A Trunk, Or, Super Khloe Frees Herself First." Reprinted in a special print anthology from Menacing Hedge, February, 2014.

"My Father, Dying" in The Legendary, Spring, 2014.

"Testimony, After the Mastectomy" in The Adroit Journal Compendium, 2013-2014.

“St. Eugenia Declares Her Allegiances” in the Saturday Morning Poetry Series at


"A Review of One Never Eats Four" in Stirring, October, 2014.

"Go Cry Over Your Dog Biscuits: Some Thoughts on Writers and

Bullying." Guest post in Blood Lotus, September, 2014.

Featured Poet for Tupelo Press' 30/30 Challenge, November, 2014.



Poetry Editor of Split Lip Magazine, 2015-

Guest Editor for two special issues of right hand pointing, 2014.

Guest Editor for Stirring, September 2015.


Finalist for Sundress Publications' Open Reading Period


Finalist for Best of the Net 2013.

Quarter-finalist for the Mary Ballard Chapbook Competition, 2013Type your paragraph here.